Want to start a new business? Get FREE help and funding to get your idea launched

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Got a business idea? Get FREE Government help and funding to launch your business

Have you got a business idea, but you are struggling to get it off the ground? Need help with your business plan, or need to raise funds to get you started?

Lots of people come up with ideas, but then either don’t know where to start or they give up as they struggle to get the funds together to launch it. The UK has Government supported schemes which can offer FREE mentoring and funding solutions for those looking to start-up a new business.

These FREE services allow you a chance to talk through your business idea with someone who has experience of small and start-up businesses already. Together with their experience, they can help you to research your chosen market and work out whether or not your idea is feasible and what steps to take to move it forward. Visit the link below for a list of mentoring services and funding opportunities.


New Enterprise Scheme:

Are you currently out of work or on Universal Credit (formally Jobseekers Allowance), or working freelance on an ad-hoc basis to try to get by financially while you build your idea?

This scheme offers you financial support as well as a mentor, who’ll be able to give you advice and support in areas you are not comfortable with to help you set up your business and start to trade. They can provide you with funding to cover your basic costs while you get your business started and support you through your first year of trading. Once you have worked with them to create your business plan, you can then also use this to apply for a business loan to help you to cover your start up costs, such as laptops or printers. Then depending on your situation you may also get help towards your living costs as well as a weekly allowance worth up to £1,274 over 26 weeks.

For further information visit https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/new-enterprise-allowance-campaign

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