Branding – Its important!!! (oh and Merry Christmas)

Published by Debbie King on

Todays tip is going to be about the importance of brand when marketing your product.

When I knew I wanted to take my website building experience to the next level, I knew I needed a strong brand that I could get behind and fall in love with. Something that would make me proud.

I wanted to have a fun element to it also, so shunned having “webdesign” in the company name (which I thought was a bit obvious), and I wanted the name to be something fun that people could relate to.

I spent 8 WEEKS thinking of a name. I asked friends, family, other entrepreneurs for ideas – but nothing. I wanted something short and punchy to say, but that also made you smile as you said it.

I sat at my desk racking my brain for ideas, and all I could here was my kitten Iggy (then just a few months old) meowing repeatedly as he marched around the room, over my laptop, around my chair or climbing shelves! (he’s part Siamese so its pretty loud too).

Now Iggy is a special cat to me, my best mate. I started thinking about what was popular on the internet, and a programme about cats on the internet appeared on the TV. Laughing, I though about what was better than kittens on the web for attracting viewings? The programme assured me that cat videos were the most viewed thing on YouTube in 2017.

So I thought “better than kittens” – as in my websites are better than kittens to look at online. It’s a ridiculous statement and purely tongue in cheek. BUT it’s memorable. And this is really important.

I chose Meow Media as the company name as it was shorter making it more punchy to say and have written down, but its still fun and reflecting the brand.

When you are creating your start up, you are SO BUSY researching your market, writing business plans, building your portfolio etc. I NEEDED my logo to be ready, but it had taken so long to get the name right, I couldn’t afford to spend any more time on it. So I will hands up admit that I used a logo design creator to help me to put it together. I used Tailor Brands, which allowed me to put my logo together in less than an hour, and then pre-designed my whole business deck (stationary, presentations for PowerPoint, business cards) as well as giving me ready to go images to upload on social media. It even links in with Facebook so you can use images created for you straight away – although personally I prefer using Canva and posting them manually or via my phone.

BUT if you need something to stop you procrastinating and give you a nudge to get things started, this could be a good option for you. You even get brand guidelines which you can down load and share, as well as vector files so you can expand your logo as big as you want on printed materials or embroidered clothing and more.

They offer a free low resolution logo, however I strongly suggest you think about getting a high res (paid for) version to prevent you from being restricted in the future (although you could always use Fiverr and get a designer to do this for you from £5).

They are offering 30% off at Tailor Brands at the moment to using the code santa. I’m not sure when this expires so if you are thinking of doing this get involved!

Prices are from £3.15 ($3.99 usd) per month, which totals to around £37.80 for the year. Which is great value for what you get. Once you have paid for it, you can cancel (after a year before it renews) and the logo and all the files associated with it are yours to keep and use as you wish.

Sometimes when running your own business you have to admit you need to step away as you are too close to it. For me this was one of those times. My logo isn’t perfect and I may well look at changing it for 2019, BUT it got me out there, got my business cards printed, made my company memorable and I am really proud of where it has taken and is taking me 

Go on, take the leap