Vlogging – is it for you? Why we should all be embracing video to boost our marketing in 2019

Published by Debbie King on

Happy New Year!!!

Iggy is still recovering, but here at Meow Media we have been busy getting stuck into planning for 2019.

Today I have been researching about “blogging” or “vlogging” in particular.

In todays world everyone (myself included) is turning to online channels such as YouTube for help, advice and entertainment. Not to mention videos on Facebook get 59% MORE ENGAGEMENT than a picture post*.

With statistics like these, even if you don’t want to become a full time blogger, it is worth considering adding videos of your work/products to your social media sites or video channels.

For example, here at Meow Media we might include cat videos, or a video of our websites in action to boost viewings. This is something we are going to be starting shortly.

Another project I am working on personally is about a cottage restoration. For this I began filming the various stages of buying the house etc. HOWEVER, in hindsight I would have thought more about how the video was filmed and what it would look like finished and where it would go.

I have lots of footage for example which is filmed in portrait, however we really need landscape footage for YouTube. My advice is to do your research before if you can. If you have a reasonable quality phone you can film on there to get you started. Imovie is a great freebie for editing on your iphone or mac, and OpenShot video is a FREE OPEN SOURCE editing suite for the PC or Mac which is perfect for those who want to start looking at taking things a bit further.

In the meantime I have taken to researching all I can about blogging and using this to promote a business. After all it forms part of your marketing these days. I am super excited about getting this launched in the coming months so our friends, family and more can follow this journey.

Have any of you already started a blog? If so it would be great to hear from you.

More on this subject later on this month.

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